Nettidigisäänih Reader


Drag and drop the following link to your Bookmark toolbar, then click it when you are on a page you wish to read. The service will automatically be installed, and you will see a menu icon on the left-hand side of the page.

Luuvâ Nettidigisäänih -sänikirjijn

In order to look up a word, hold Alt or Option (⌥) and double click the word. The service will will connect to this website and return dictionary entries after a brief pause.

Colkkâl valjiittuv kováduv, vâi peesah molsođ sänikirje.

Installistem viermisiijđost

It is also possible to install the reader plugin on a website, so that users will have access to dictionaries without the bookmarklet.

To do so, follow our documentation.


Luuhâmohjelm pasteh luuhâđ čuávuvááh lađđuuh:

  • Chrome (versio 20 já uđđâsuboh)
  • Internet Explorer (versio 9 já uđđâsuboh)
  • Firefox (versio 18 já uđđâsuboh)
  • Opera (versio 16 já uđđâsuboh)


If you encounter bugs, or the bookmarklet does not work on a particular page, contact us with the page URL or details of what you were reading when you encountered the problem.

We do not store any private data, but we do collect individual dictionary lookups for statistics and to improve the dictionary.



  • Anarâškielâ → Suomakielâ
  • Suomakielâ → Anarâškielâ
  • Anarâškielâ → Orjâlâškielâ
  • Orjâlâškielâ → Anarâškielâ

Jis uusah eres kielâid, puávtáh keččâđ eres sänikiirjijd.